Black N$VNE ASSASSINS Sweatshirts
Black N$VNE ASSASSINS Sweatshirts
A$$ASINS Sweatshirt Pullover
A$$ASINS Sweatshirt Pullover

A$$A$INS Sweatshirt

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The word "assassin" derives from a secretive group in the 11th and 12th centuries called the "Hashishin" meaning "hashish eaters".

Despite their reputation as ruthless assassins, the group generally took special care not to harm anyone but their target in their killings, and particularly avoided killing commoners or innocent bystanders.

The name for these people seems to have been given to them in a derogatory sense, not unlike similar terms today such as "pot heads", "stoners", "junky", "crack head" and the like. Basically, it was a name given to them as a way to refer to them as "rabble", "outcasts" or "disreputable people". 



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