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Formerly known as Swaziland, eSwatini is a small landlocked state in the South of Africa. Surrounded on three sides by South Africa and bordering Mozambique to the east, the Kingdom of eSwatini is a small country with a population of around 1.3 million people. It is made up of four distinct climates, mountains, valleys, savannah and jungle, which shape the lives of the people in each region. Ka-Ben is a rural community of 1,800  people in the Lowveld of eSwatini. This community is located in the driest part of eSwatini and almost all the households cannot afford to pay high costs for water or electricity. Estimates show that a single person’s daily requirement of water is 25 liters and Ka-Ben’s infrastructure cannot meet the community’s current demand. The majority of households share dirty and unsafe open water sources with animals or use the salty water provided by the few boreholes scattered across the community.


Ka-Ben Project

The Water Aid project aims to install water kiosks that are conveniently located for more than 70% of the community to increase access to clean water. The project is adapting Ka-Ben’s existing sources for reticulation purposes and converting them to solar systems. 

The proposed design system will utilize solar energy to pump water from an existing and newly rehabilitated borehole, distributing water to 6 water kiosks.

Team Freedom have been tasked with creating an optimization plan to improve the system to maximize water available to meet the needs of the people in Ka-Ben. And to create a communications plan and social mobilization strategy to encourage families to use and pay for the water kiosks rather than using the current unsafe sources or other clean sources.



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