What is N$VNE?

N$VNE is for those who aren't afraid to be themselves
N$VNE is for those who never give up.
N$VNE is for those who aren't afraid to take risk

Growing up in a town of 500, variety was difficult to come by.  Luckily, technology bridges all gaps and although I was always felt “different” then,  I quickly learned that there were plenty of people across the world who shared similar ideas, styles and mentalities as myself.

From there I started reading countless streetwear and music blogs, while also becoming fascinated with apparel production. With the nearest mall being 1 hr away and limited, I begin ordering my own from all across the world.



N$VNE was started in 2013, as a College Senior, I realized that my interest in apparel and technology could be happily married to create something unique that would represent various people across the world. Although sometimes controversial and opinionated, each design within N$VNE represents a true feeling, idea or thought. Social Media is one of the greatest innovations of our generation, but a crippling side-effect is rapid GroupThink.

This brand for those who remain true to themselves and aren't afraid to remind others to do the same. These days some may call uniqueness crazy weird or strange, but we gladly call it N$VNE



Mark Twain said " Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain." Fear is one of the most debilitating things known to man. It could stop you from trying because of the risk of failure, the unknown, rejection, humiliation and we all know the list goes on.

If you take a second and look around, you'll notice that most people live in a box. Same goals, habits and mentalities; shaped by the worldly thoughts and values  instead of the internal thoughts and values that actually keep us grounded. It's difficult to step outside the box but we promise it's worth it.

You only have once chance at life and until you take a chance, you'll never know who you are.


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