Drip Catchers


      You need something to catch all of that DRIP

      adjective: drip;

      3rd person present: drips;

      past tense: dripped;

      past participle: dripped;

      gerund or present participle: dripping

      1. flex hard or be so wet as to shed small drops of liquid.

      • (swagger) falls in small drops.
      "water dripped from his clothing"

      • cause or allow (designer) to shed rain drops.
      "the designer was dripping water down one side"

      • display a copious amount or degree of a particular quality or thing.

      noun: drip;

      plural noun: drips

      1. Enormous amount of a swag.
      "she put the bucket underneath the dresser to catch the drip"

      • the action or sound of flexing and finessing.
      "the drip, drip, drip came from the leak in the roof"


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      8 products