Women’s History Month – Powerful Women Living N$VNE

Women’s History Month – Powerful Women Living N$VNE


Women are the reason we’re all here, and they deserve to be celebrated every day – March is just a special occasion. It’s Women’s History Month, and in its honor we’re highlighting the voices and ventures of four women that inspire us to live N$VNE.

We caught up with these women to tell their stories and get their take on living boldly - here’s what they have to say.

Jazmine Boutte @jdseries

Content Creator, Brand Manager, Professional Brunch Goer | NOLA

Jazmine is a fashion, food and lifestyle blogger native to New Orleans. Her journey with The JD Series blog began with a love for fashion, but it evolved into something bigger when she tapped into the culture she grew up in. Her brand is now her business, built for sharing her style, hosting creative community events and managing multiple small businesses. By helping others to lift their own voices, Jazmine has found her own, and become a champion for her community in the process.

Jazmine on living N$VNE:

Like NOLA itself, Jazmine is a colorful character. “To me, living outside the box means not following trends. You’re going to do you regardless. If I didn’t live outside of the box, I wouldn’t wear what I want to wear. I would tone myself down because that’s what society expects plus sized people to do.” To her, “style is everything...It’s not only about clothes, it’s about how you carry yourself. Confidence is the best accessory for any look!”


Collage of Davita Galloway

Davita Galloway @thedavitagalloway

Artist, entrepreneur, Crownkeepers nonprofit | CLT

Davita is a rockstar of the Charlotte art scene – she is a muralist, costumer, photographer, etc. in her own right and an avid supporter of other artists in our community. Her mission is to push lesser known Black and brown voices through all her many business ventures; she serves as Owner/Co-Owner, Executive, and Creator of Crownkeepers nonprofit, Dupp & Swatt event space, Hue House creative agency, and more. Her every breath is dedicated to the community and culture, and Charlotte is thriving for it.

Davita on living N$VNE:

She didn’t get this far by limiting herself. “Living outside the box means not limiting yourself to expectations, “isms”, and pressures from others. It’s the idea and actions associated with NOT conforming to anyone’s standard by your own. It’s adjacent to pushing boundaries and LIVING OUT LOUD!” Her fashion also has no boundaries - “It’s a form of communication. What you have on and how you wear it tells a snippet of your story at any moment...Fashion, for me, is freedom.”


Jael Roumain against wall

Jael Roumain @iamjaelroumain

Owner and entrepreneur, MuurSwagg | ATL

Jael is the CEO and founder of the Black owned, women led fashion brand MuurSwagg. She started as a hairstylist to the stars in Miami, and quickly realized she wanted more – and MuurSwagg was born. The brand celebrates the concept of conscious clothing by focusing on ethnic focused designers (their Dashiki line has been worn by Taraji P. Henson), but it’s also a lifestyle – the “MuurSwagg Babe” is bold, complex and driven. Just five years later, Jael’s brand has blown up because of her bold business strategies and incredible style.

Jael on living N$VNE:

To Jael, life is less about what you have and more about HOW you use it. “Being bold means being fearless. Confident in how you look, walk, and talk.” This translates to fashion, she said, because “fashion is not what you’re wearing, it’s how you wear it. It expresses your personality and identity.”

“Success is not measured by what you have, it's measured by what you know and how you apply it in your life to bring you happiness, a sense of accomplishment, peace and prosperity.”

Dr. Shanté Williams


Dr. Shanté Williams @doctor_shante 

Investor, Venture Capitalist, Author, Black Pearl Global Investments | CLT

Dr. Williams has done it all. After discovering innovative chemotherapy treatments for patients with invasive brain tumors, she transitioned from medicine to business and now sits at the helm of a $25 million healthcare investment fund focused on equality and access. She is the Chairwoman of the local organizations like the city symphony and Shelters to Shutters nonprofit. To continue her mission of inclusivity, she’s teaching other Black women how to become investors through her book, Black Angels Among Us.

Dr. Shanté on living N$VNE:

“Bold to me means moving without fear or concern for what others might think.” Growth is the goal for any venture, “Primarily growth in mindset. If I just made money and didn’t learn anything I don’t consider that a success, just a transaction.”


These women, and every woman in our lives, inspire us to be at our best – to live boldly, move with confidence, and seek successes that would make them proud. Happy Women’s History Month!