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Photographers are artist, it’s raw talent. I know that’s shocking to be the first thing you read on the new collection of a clothing site, but it’s really something I want you to appreciate as much as the designs and products themselves. I’m a huge fan of pictures and photography because they capture moments that you'd other wise never see again.

The Fall 2020 Collection features photography from Charlotte (our go to professional and I even tried my hand at a few 35MM), Los Angeles, New Jersey, Tampa and Croatia, all with their own personal style which was the perfect compliment to the clothes themselves.

Since 2013, the fundamental purpose of N$VNE is to Be Yourself and in an era where social media pressures people to anything but themselves, we'd like to remind you that it's perfectly fine. 

Charlotte: @iam_gavinb

Los Angeles: @homemvlone 

New Jersey: @garret_bruce

Poland: @overthelaw

Tampa: @lucademassis 


Charlotte: Me

No matter how many releases drop, it's always crazy to see it all come together.  Devin works the numbers in a way that an average person could never even think of, i have ideas that would probably even get side-eyed in an Asylum and Dayo (half human / half supercomputer genius)  finds a way to help us bring it all together with our apps and logistics and our Marketing Team who makes sure the right people see it

Each is a very key part to this whole operation, the inspiration in this collection comes from Horror Movies, 2000's Rap, Fraternity Brothers, Twitter, LeBron and as always... "personal life experiences".. It's quite the mix but we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

Because it all means nothing without customers to do it for, so thank you! 


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